Kaisu girl-cat's adventures in Hunter Osten part 1

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  • Date added:13-09-2013, 19:15
  • Total runtime:Member - 8 min, Extended - 34 min.
  • Video Resolution:1280 × 720 HD
  • Photo resolution:1500 × 844
  • Model:Darina

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Story of the set

In this video Kaisu, wearing her beautiful waders, goes to perform her quest, overcoming various water barriers - wades a river, swims trough the lake fully dressed, pours out water from her waders and catches fish, saves the girl and makes more other things :)
...On some distant planet, which is very similar to Earth, in the Bog Kingdom, nasty things started to happen. Perhaps because of the warm winter too suddenly increased population of dragons that inhabited the numerous mires and bogs of that land. Dragons started to attack people and steal their babies. To protect people brave knights of the Order of Heaven's Fire has stood up , which was guarding the peace of the citizens from ancient times. Kaisy was not yet knighted disciple of the Order, but she also went to kill the greedy dragon, who kept at bay Honeytree village near Cold Lake ...скачать dle 10.3фильмы бесплатно


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10 October 2015 02:43
Great film, and can't wait for part II Darina is lovely in this outfit and how she wears her waders, and going really deep in the water, fantastic!! Greetings from holland, dutchbootlover
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